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Treasures (Grades K-8)

person esteemed as rare, precious and of great value to be protected to benefit the future

This curriculum level guides girls along their journey to discovering their God-given destiny and purpose by inspiring confidence, acceptance and a desire to achieve success. Girls at this age are impressionable and experience increasing levels of peer pressure. mpowHer will provide scripturally sound principles coupled with practical application, tools and skills that will mature with them.

Gems (Grades 9-12)

precious stones that are polished, engraved and serve as inspiration

This curriculum level focuses on the transition from youth to adulthood. This time is a critical one in a young person’s life and mpowHer will provide scripturally wise and sound direction to aid them with their view of the world, careers and relationships. Our world is in need of courageous agents of change, and these young women will be ready to meet that challenge!

Jewels (College and Beyond)

a person or thing that is treasured, esteemed, or indispensable

This curriculum level aids women in their advancement to excellence. We will focus on the application of the lessons learned through the challenges and circumstances they’ve experienced. Detrimental practices will be replaced with positive behaviors to ensure these women exemplify the character attributes and traits we want our young women to espouse. These women will be equipped with skills and disciplines to reach back and mentor those coming behind them.

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