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Worthless. Ugly. Talentless. Fat. Unimportant. Skinny. Insignificant. Stupid. Inconsequential. Useless. Smart. Pretty. Skilled. Healthy. Worthy. Desirable. Talented. Friend. Go-getter. Innovative. Too much. Not enough. Almost. Definitely. Extra. Mean. Loud. Shy. Bossy. Drama Queen.

Labeled. We’ve all experienced it.

Society, family, friends, enemies—even we ourselves are guilty of using, listening, and most damaging of all—accepting and believing the labels assigned to us.

Why have we so readily agreed with society’s assessment of us? Have we no desire to disavow the thought patterns that have hindered us from moving forward?

We live in compliance with various labels for many different reasons. Sometimes we agree because the label is or has been true. Good news: we don’t have to stay that way! Other times we agree because we respect the person who labeled us. They can’t be wrong, right? They love me and want the best for me…or so they say. Other times it’s a result of fear. We’re afraid of failure, we’re afraid of success, we’re afraid the label is right, we’re afraid to prove them wrong.

What’s awesome is that our God has some things to say about who we are. He labeled us first and best! He calls us valuable, new, chosen, friend and loved, to name a few. He should know best, He created us. He didn’t just create us—He created us in His image! Can we truthfully call God stupid? Worthless? Insignificant? I would dare say we cannot! So how dare we allow ANYone, ourselves included, to call us anything that is in opposition to what He has said? He cannot lie. His Word is true! So we ARE blessed, we ARE victorious, we ARE citizens of heaven, we ARE saved by grace, we ARE His!

Agree with God!

You are who He says you are! He has a vested interest in your future. He has given you victory! Let us no longer struggle with our identity. Let’s discard the labels of the world and walk in the identity of our Father, the King of Kings! Let’s live worthy of our lineage, our royal bloodline! We are who we are because of Whose we are! I’m a child of the King!